• Roche

    Better inventors. At Roche PVT!

  • Roche
    Better inventors. At Roche PVT!

    Roche PVT is the world’s leading supplier of tailor-made automation solutions in the field of in-vitro diagnostics. The company located in the Stuttgart area finds itself in direct competition with the largest car manufacturers for the best qualified engineers.

    The Assignment:
    Development of an eye-catching recruitment campaign which profiles Roche as an attractive and exciting employer.

    The Execution:
    The new advertising theme makes the hotly pursued target group aware of the dull day-to-day reality of the most popular jobs in the country. The car industry demands that the engineer principally engages with details, although this only really amounts to adjusting tolerances during production. But at Roche PVT, he can be a true inventor. The calculation: the future employee should be able to see for himself that his personal ideals and goals are still very much alive at Roche PVT.


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