• Aktiv mit MS®

    Allround care.

  • Aktiv mit MS®
    Allround care.

    Aktiv mit MS is the Teva care network for people with MS and their family members. They are given help with all the issues associated with the condition. Support is provided by printed materials, internet chat forums and up-to-date information as well as training modules on the Aktiv mit MS website, a trained service team assists those concerned over the telephone, while professional MS consultants can also be present on site, if required.

    The Assignment:
    Relaunch of the logo/figurative mark, development of a key visual and new design for all printed materials and the website.

    The Execution:
    The new campaign and its components – key visual, logo/figurative mark, imagery – prioritises the patients’ quality of life. The contemporary font and colours contribute to an attractive new presentation. Family members also play an important role in the treatment of MS. They have thus been given space in the campaign in correspondence with their importance, e.g. in the context of treatment compliance, or in the dialogue with those affected. The realistic design of the key visual with its family theme brings these ideas to the fore.


    • RX
    • Parallax website
    • Product flyer for patients on initial diagnosis
    • Information leaflet
    • CD
    • Key visual
    • Update of materials
  • Patient communication web / storytelling (
  • Patient journal / scientific
  • Patient journal / range of topics
  • Patient magazine / Aktiv mit MS